Facades and windows

Modern materials and technology can be used to improve the indoor climate of buildings, primarily for glass surfaces.

 Solar, security, and protective films can be employed to enhance the indoor environment, as well as the facade and security of the building. 

During the summer, many companies invest in different climate control systems; however, these systems are often expensive and consume a significant amount of energy. Sunshades can help reduce heat, UV radiation, infrared light, and sunlight, thereby improving the working environment and reducing energy consumption. This, in turn, ensures that employees feel better and can work in a less stressful and more pleasant environment. Additionally, sun protection films can help prevent furniture from fading. 

For places like shops, offices, and public spaces, there is also the risk of break-ins or vandalism. Safety films can mitigate these risks by reinforcing the glass and making it less prone to breaking. 

Our window and facade stickers are produced using reliable and well-maintained machinery, and we use high-quality 3M and Avery Dennison materials. The installation process is handled by a specialist trained by the material manufacturer.